Product Lines

Baby Lettuces
Red Oak Tango Green Summer
Geen Oak Tatsoi Zucchini
Red Romaine Mizuna Zucchini/w Flowers
Greem Romaine Asian Mix Zucchin Flowers 100ct
Lolla Rosa Spring Mix Baby Carrots-Bunched Dozen, Peeled 5lb bag
Red Ruby Baby Squash Carrots Red Peeled 5lb bag
Frisee Gold Summer  
Aduki Beans 10# Flageolet Beans (Green) 10# Petite Crimson Lentils 10#
Annatto Seeds 10# French Green Lentils 10# Spanish Pardina Lentils 10#
Black Beluga Lentils 10# Giant Peruvian Lima Beans 10# Trout/Jacobs Cattle Beans 10#
Black Calypso Beans 10# Great Northern Beans 10# White Runner Beans 10#
Black Garbanzo Beans 10# Ivory White Lentils 10# White Sesame Seeds 10#
Cranberry Beans 10# Large Lima Beans 10# Yellow Lentils "Golden" 10#
Extra Large Fava Beans (Haba) 10# Large Lupini Beans 10#  
Eggs Liquid Eggs Cheeses Salad Dressings Butter Sour Cream Mayonnaise
Dried Fruit
Apple Rings 5# Dried Peaches 5# Papaya Chunks 5#
Bing Cherries 5# Dried Pears 5# Pineapple Rings 5#
Black Mission Figs 5# Dried Strawberries 5# Sundried Red Tomato 1/2's 5#
Currants 5# Golden Raisins 5# Sundried Red Tomato Julienne 5#
Dark Raisins 5# Mango Slices Turkish Figs 5#
Diced Dates 5# Med Shredded Unsweetened Coconut Unsulphereed Apricots 5#
Dried Blueberries 5# Medjool Dates 5# Vanilla Beans Bourbon 4 oz
Dried Cranberries 5# Michigan Tart Cherries 5#  
Edible Flowers
Pansies Carnations Confetti Rose Petal Violas
Calendulas Marigolds Lavender Wands Bachelor Buttons
Mixed Trays Confetti Regular Orchids  
Basmati Rice Chick Pea Flour 5# Hazelnut Flour (Blanched) 5# Sushi Rice 5#
#2 Bulghur Wheat 5# Fregola Sarda Cous Cous 5# Purple Sticky Rice 5# White Rice
Amaranth Wheat 5# Green Bamboo Rice 5# Quinoa Golden White 5# Whole Spelt Berries 5#
Chestnut Flour (raw) 5# Hard White Wheat Berries 5# Quinoa Red Black 5#  
Dry Herbs & Spices
Anise Seed 1oz Ground Mace 18oz Tarragon 3oz
Arrowroot Powder 16oz Ground Marjoram 12oz Tasmanian Peppercorns 8oz
Black Mustard Seed 24oz Ground Mustard 18oz Thyme 7oz
Cayene Pepper 16oz Ground Nutmeg 20oz Tuxedo Blend Peppercorns
Celery Seed 16oz Ground Rosemary 10oz Wasabi Powder 12oz
Chili Powder 20oz Ground Sumac 16oz Whole Alspice 12oz
Cinnamon Sticks 8oz Ground Tumaric 22oz Whole Cloves 12oz
Cream Of Tartar 22oz Herbes de Provence 8oz Whole Coriander 16oz
Crushed Red Pepper 4# Hibiscus Flowers 5oz Whole Cumin Seed 16oz
Curry Powder 16oz Hungarian Paprika 18oz Whole Fennel Seeds 12oz
Dill Seed 16oz Juniper Berries 12oz Whole Fenugreek 26oz
Five Spice Powder 16oz Lavender Flowers 4oz Whole Funugreek Seeds 26oz
Four Peppercorn Melange Lemon Grass Powder 8oz Whole Green Cardamon 8oz
Garann Masala 20oz Lemon Peel 8oz Whole Green Peppercorns 8oz
Garlic Powder 22oz Mulling Spices 6oz Whole Mace 10oz
Garlic Salt 8oz Mustard Seed Brown 24oz Whole Marjoram 4oz
Ginger Crystalized Sliced (Thailand)5# Onion Powder 16oz Whole Nutmeg 18oz
Granulated Garlic 24oz Pickling Spice 12oz Whole Sage 4oz
Ground Alspice 16oz Piloncillo 22oz Whole Savory 7oz
Ground Cinnamon 16oz Piment D'Esplette 3.5oz Tin Whole Star Anise 8oz
Ground Cloves 16oz Rosemary 10oz Whole White Peppercorns 22oz
Ground Coriander 16oz Rubbed Sage 7oz Yellow Mustard Seed 24oz
Ground Cumin 20oz Safron Pure Mancha 1oz Zhatar 16oz
Ground Fennell 20oz Smoked Paprika 18oz  
Ground Ginger 16oz Spanish Paprika 18oz  
Fresh Herbs
Arrugula Italian Parsley Sage
Baby Dill Marjoram Savory
Basil Mint Sorrel
Chervil Opal Basil Tarragon
Chives Oregano Thyme
Cilantro Rosemary  
Ancho Powder 16oz Chipotle Powder 16oz Guajillo Pepper Crushed 3#
Jalapeno Powder 16oz Whole Guajillo 1# Habanero Powder 1#
Micro Greens
Arrugala Opal Basil Pea Leaves Red Mustard Rainbow Mix
Chives Magenta Spinach Pepper Cress Tatsoi Blend
Celery Fennal Bulls Blood Beets Daikon Tops Popcorn Shoots 8oz
Cilantro Mizuna Red Russian Kale Purple Kohlrabi Golden Pea Shoots 16oz
Blanched Almonds 5# Mixed Nuts - No Peanuts 5# Pine Nuts Grade A 5#
Blanched Filberts/Hazelnuts 5# Mixed Nuts w/Peanuts 5# Raw Sunflower Kernels 5#
Cashew Pieces Raw 5# Natural Sliced Almonds 5# Slivered Almonds 5#
Cashews Raw Whole 5# Natural Whole Almonds 5# Walnuts Halves & Pieces 5#
Cashews Salted 5# Peanuts Raw 5# Wasabi Peanuts 5#
Chestnut Flour 5# Peanuts Roasted 5# Wasabi Peas 5#
Chestnuts Dried Shelled 5# Peanuts Roasted/Salted 5# Whole Macadamia Nuts 5#
Macadamia Nut Pieces 5# Pecan Halves Medium 5# Whole Raw Pistachio Kernels 5#
Black Salt 26oz Flour de sel de Guerande 26oz Sea Salt Italian (Fine) 26oz
Coarse Hawaiian Red Salt 40oz Sea Salt French (Coarse) 26oz Sel Gris 26oz
Fine Hawaiian Red Salt 40oz Sea Salt Italian (Coarse) 40oz Smoked Sea Salt (Coarse) 26oz
Alfalfa Clover Radish Sweet Peas Pea Green 2#
Bean Sprouts Mix Onion/Alfalfa Mix Red Lentils Wheatberry Sunflower Greens 2#
China Rose Onion Sunflower Seeds Broccoli Daikon Greens 2#
Refrigerated Miscellaneous
Tortillas Complete Del Rey Line of Sizes, Types & Colors Michael's Liquid Eggs 40lb Red Skin Potato Salad
Chicken Salad Pickles  
Northern Star Processed Potatoes Prepared Horseradish  
Gluten Free Products
Hamburger Buns Banana Mini Muffins Pizza Crusts, 7" round
Hot Dog Buns Blueberry Mini Muffins Pizza Crusts, 7" square
Sub Buns Cherry-Apple Mini Muffins Pizza Crusts, 12"
Dinner Rolls Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins Pizza Crusts, Large
Slider Buns/Dinner Rolls Chocolate Chip Cookies Almond Cherry Granola
Flat Bread Peanut Butter Cookies with Soy Butter Vanilla Maple Granola